About Us

Psychological Enrichment Center was established to provide quality mental health services to enrich people's lives. The staff at Psychological Enrichment Center is dedicated to looking at the whole person to identify thematic issues that manifest themselves in different behavior patterns that take away from the richness or fullness of life. We focus on the root of the problem to promote lasting change, growth and healing. We provide psychodynamic or depth therapy to individuals, children, adolescents, families and couples.

In addition, we have psychologists that specialize in using Neurofeedback for treating a variety of disorders. Neurofeedback is an alternative treatment to medication that focuses on targeting problematic brain functioning to produce change and stabilization in the brain, which often translates to improvement in functioning associated with a number of disorders including attention, concentration, memory, sleep, anxiety, and depression.

Note: You may request an appointment or general information via email or phone. However, due to the limited security of electronic communication, and lack of established therapeutic relationship, no therapeutic advice will be dispensed or responded to via email.