Paul Sullivan, Psy.D

Dr. Sullivan is a licensed clinical psychologist who received his doctorate in psychology from Biola University. Paul conducts psychological assessments including emotional, personality, and attention deficit (ADD, ADHD) testing. He also does vocational testing for people exploring career interests and for employers interested in psychological stability or "readiness for work" of current or new hire employees. Paul also uses Neurofeedback, which is an exciting drug-free alternative for treating ADHD, depression, anxiety, sleep disorders and a variety of other problems. Much of his clinical work has been in the diagnosis and treatment of Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD, ADHD). He also has extensive experience in helping individuals and couples to overcome destructive patterns, improve communication, and find vitality and intimacy.

Stacy Aoto-Sullivan, Psy.D

Stacey Aoto-Sullivan is a licensed clinical psychologist who graduated from Rosemead School of Psychology at Biola University. She has had over a decade of experience working with individuals to deal with depression, anxiety, grief, relationship issues, personal growth, perfectionism, social anxiety, and trauma. She has a particular specialty in working in depth (psychodynamically) with individuals to address core issues that affect relationships in negative ways. Stacey Aoto-Sullivan has a collaborative approach where she works together with you to enliven, heal and enrich the parts of your live that seem painful, broken, confusing, or stunted. Stacey Aoto-Sullivan has also been involved in training and supervision of masters level, pre-doctoral and post-doctoral candidates to contribute to the quality care of individuals. She also participates in on-going consultation with a senior analyst/clinical psychologist as part of continued education and training in her field.
Note: You may request an appointment or general information via email or phone. However, due to the limited security of electronic communication, and lack of established therapeutic relationship, no therapeutic advice will be dispensed or responded to via email.